Master’s Message






Brethren, What an odd, difficult year it has been. I am certain each and every one of us has been affected in a multitude of ways. So it was good to think that we can have a bit of normalcy with the Lodge going back to labor, even though that itself brings it own challenges. But then i had a thought. Were we ever really NOT on Labor as Masons? When the neighbor was away and his grass was high, you helped him out and cut it. When the kid had a flat, and needed help, When Aunt June had the branch stuck in her gutter, and the 1000 other acts of kindness our brother Masons perform. And how important that is now, because our actions can be seen, we can’t touch, hug, shake hands, and with a mask you can’t even tell if someone is smiling. But, an act of kindness can.

Yes, we are always at Labor. Acts of kindness especially in times like these, literally can help change the world. In Lodge we share our Masonic Brotherhood.

Brothers it has been a long time. Looking forward to seeing eventually all our brothers in as safe and secure manner as possible.

With Peace and Love


Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master


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