Master’s Message






My Brother: I hope that you great holiday and enjoyed all that the season offered us. Especially, the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, whether it was celebrating Easter, Passover or Ramadan. We all took time to make an “investment” to all those that are dear to our mind and hearts. My Brethren, it is that investment that I ask you to look at, both to our craft and our lodge. How often do we hear – what did the market do today? Or I wonder how my investments are doing by those on the outside of our fraternity? While this is important for financial planning. It is the investment we make to our craft and lodge that yields the strongest returns to us a Masons.

Often, we talk about the heavy lifting needed and our hard work in the quarries. We know all to well that many hands will make the load lighter. It is that investment that strengths our bond. It is more evident today that it was yesterday. Some examples of such- our kitchen is preparing & serving amazing meals. Attendance at regular communications inside & outside are district continues to grow as is our attendance at DLI and ritual rehearsal. Our fish fry event was outstanding and profitable. So, in short, it is those investments we make that will continue to allow our craft and lodge to grow and prosper.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”: Warren Buffet

Fraternally Yours,

Ray Fortuna

Worshipful Master 2022



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