Master’s Message






Brethren, I hope this new month finds you and your loved ones in good health and good spirits. We have all had to deal with a few months of difficult conditions disrupting our normal lives. Many of our own brethren have been affected, some with the personal loss of loved ones, many financially, all in some form or fashion. But throughout it all the brethren of our Lodge have persevered, be it offering activates to kids in quarantine, answering the charitable call to assist those with a food drive, offering the elderly love and support, or calling and checking on our brothers, and so much more.

Although we have not met in Lodge, Masonry didn’t stop; True Masonry, Love of and for our fellow man. I believe time will show that with all the negatives associated with this Pandemic, a positive affect occurred also, I know it did for me. Having time to take care of long overdue issues gave Peace, Time spent with family strengthened the bonds of Love, and knowing that as Humanity we are all dealing with this pandemic together creates compassion and Understanding.

Take a moment, think of how this pandemic has given you Peace, Love, or Understanding, you might not want to go fully back to the old normal. This offers a lesson not just about the Pandemic, but life overall. We can find negativity in almost everything or anyone, but often there is a wonderful positive also. Often, we find what we look for. Brethren, I say look for Love, because the GAOTU even in the darkest times shines his great light of Love upon us.


Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master


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