Master’s Message






Brethren, I hope you, your family and loved ones are safe and well, and for those that are not, may we all give a collective prayer for their well being, and quick recovery. From normalcy to chaos and uncertainty. But in the darkness, there is light. The brave hospital workers, The EMTs, Police, Fireman. The volunteers bringing food and checking on the elderly. All those in service to their fellow man. All acting in the light by which the Grand Architect works.

It is a good time to be and act as a Mason, to help and support our friends, family and community thru the charitable and loving attributes inculcated in our ritual and degrees. Be it helping elderly with groceries, a doctors’ visit, or helping a kid build a birdhouse. These actions will create a favorable opinion of Masonry in our communities, but more importantly define who and what we stand for.

Brethren, this is also a great time for personal introspection, and increasing our Masonic knowledge. I encourage you to visit the Grand lodge website for Masonic Light, and I’m happy to share a book or two from my personal Masonic 70+ book library. From Waite, Clegg, Pike, Heindel, Claudey, De Laurence, and the Grand College of Rites. Subjects on Masonry, Templarism, Martinism, and Esoteric and Philosophical thought.

With Love and Brotherhood to all.


Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master