Master’s Message






Brethren, My time in the East has now come to a close and what a difference one year can make. We started out on Covid-19 protocols, limited attendance, masks and Zoom meetings and ended the year as though nothing had happened and with 7 new masons! This experience is one that I will always remember as being the best of times and the worst of times. Yet, through it all, Mt. Zion has now become a more solid part of me and I of it as a result of this year and my experience in the East.

The feeling of leaving the East is strange: part relief, part guilt that not everything that I wanted to accomplish was brought to fruition and part knowing it is all normal in the end. This experience has not only made me a better man, but a better Mason. The light that this opportunity has afforded me is difficult to put into words. All I am able to say is that you come out with a whole different perspective on masonry, membership, and masonic principals. Still all good, just a different perspective. I also came to realize just how powerful and allegoric the three degrees really are and the amount of wisdom they have the ability to convey to any Manson of any age or tenure.

Thank you for this opportunity brethren. It has been something that I will always cherish and look back on as a wonderful milestone in my life.


Fraternally Yours,

JR Almerino

Worshipful Master 2021



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