Master’s Message







This February is a great time to come out to lodge. The weathers been mild for winter, and there is much going on at lodge. The next few weeks we will have Bro Mac Thervil on Feb 6Th doing a talk on VoodooThe spiritual aspects – no there are no zombies or witch doctors, lol. but an interesting talk on Caribbean Island Spirituality.

Our Official Visit of the DDGM Ron Murad on Feb 20th, an Emergent Communication of an EA Degree on Feb 27th, and on March 5th , Most Worshipful PGM of Masons of the State of NJ Dieter B Hees will be here doing a talk on the George Washington monument . So weather permitting come on out!,

The Lodge is shining bright with Masonic light.

With Love and Brotherhood to all.


Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master


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