Master’s Message






Brethren, “Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but unlearning old limits.” Alan Cohen (Alan Cohen is best known for his bestselling book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”). Growth, albeit personal, professional or fraternal should not have any limits whatsoever. We all have unique skillsets, and through either mentoring of our newest brothers or sharing your unique skillset with more seasoned brothers, this can initiate new paths or unknown passions for others to join you on.

Limits are self-imposed and once you choose to shed those restrictions the possibilities are endless. Never be reluctant to extend an offer to others, the things we have learned in our lifetimes. Someone somewhere will benefit from this knowledge transfer. Think about the diversity that we have in our lodge. We have various nationalities, older gentlemen, young men starting out and men in every phase of their lives in between.

Part of my role as the WM is to assist with connections between brothers to hopefully initiate the knowledge transfer.

Fraternally Yours,

JR Almerino

Worshipful Master



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