Master’s Message







My Brother, regardless of what you may think, or what others might have told you, I want you to know that you are up to the challenge. I want you to know that if you do the work you can reach heights you thought were unattainable and if you do the work, you can reach the value that is yours to claim.

Too often we get in our own way by setting limitations on what we can do and what we can accomplish. If you tell yourself that you cannot do this or you cannot do that, then, of course, you will never do this or that, because if you believe you cannot do them, why should you even try?

Like I have, I am sure that you have heard Brothers say – I am not a good ritualist – I Would never be able to do a Degree from the East or ever do a Lecture; and even though many of these Brothers eventually make it to the position of Worshipful Master of their respective lodges, as they progressed through the Chairs and found themselves doing more and more of the work they thought that they would never be able to do, yet they continue to hold themselves back from going forward by continuing to set limitations on themselves.


Howard Stevenson PGC

Worshipful Master