Master’s Message







Brethren: We often have it in our heads that if I do “A” it will lead to “B” which will ultimately lead to “C” or our desired outcome. But life rarely goes in a straight line. I doubt there is one amongst us who hasn’t experienced this is some shape or form. There always seems to be some unforeseen problem, or situation that will arise just as we believe we should be crossing the finish line.

This can often lead to a feeling of stress, frustration, or disappointment. But I am here to tell you that all problems are a gift if we just choose to view them that way. Every problem or set back presents us with a learning opportunity and a chance to grow.

Just think, if we were handed our dream today whatever that may be (winning the lottery, becoming CEO of a large company, etc.) more than likely we would fail or severely struggle to succeed with it. We must grow into the person who is capable of handling such responsibility.

So how do we grow into that person? We must expand our threshold of control, and the way we do that, is by solving and overcoming problems. If we were to live a life where nothing ever went wrong and everything always went as expected, we would be a mere fraction of the men we are today!

I’m quite sure we can all look back and recall some perceived obstacle or insurmountable problem we had to face. We thought “how will I ever get through this?” But now, having solved that problem before, we would just breeze through it and be on our way. By persevering and overcoming that problem we expanded our threshold of control. We have grown into a bigger person capable of handling that same situation without the feeling of fear or frustration. 

Remember, the real reward in life comes not from reaching our goals, but from the person we become in the process of reaching them.


Ernest Bagley, Worshipful Master