Master’s Message






I hope this message finds each and every one of you well! A lot of my focus this year will be on the topic of self-improvement. After all, in order to effectively help others we must first help ourselves.

This month I would like to focus on the subject of happiness. I would suggest happiness is a choice. I know that may sound like an oversimplification to an emotion so many wrestle with on a daily basis. But it is the truth! One of the many gifts The Grand Artificer has blessed us with is the choice to assign meaning to anything we may experience.

We have all had what we perceived to be a “bad day.” Everything we thought could go wrong did. We felt there was no way to possibly be happy. Then in a moment you hear a joke that causes you to burst out in laughter. Our, you walked through the door of your home to the warm greetings off loved ones only to have a smile cross your face. Well, what happened at that precise moment? What caused you to laugh or smile? It was simple, despite everything that happened that day you chose to focus on something else! After all, how could a man such as Nelson Mandela be wrongly imprisoned for 27 years only to return to society without displaying an ounce of resentment in his heart? It is because of what he chose to focus on!

With this in mind let us not waste our energy on the things we perceive to make us unhappy. But let us focus on the things we are grateful for. If we view all of life’s events through a lens of gratitude, how could we possibly be unhappy?

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Bro. Duke Ellington


Ernest Bagley
Worshipful Master