Master’s Message






As our summer break comes to a close, and the second half of our masonic year ensues; I hope that everyone was able to spend as much quality time as possible with friends and loved ones.

Time after all is our most precious commodity. There are many currencies and stores of wealth in this world. But they pale in comparison to the value of time. It is by far our most valuable currency! And although the Grand Artificer has seen fit to bless even the poorest of men the same number of hours in a day as the richest. We know not how much of this currency we have in reserve. For it carries no balance from day to day. Each day we wake up and our account is renewed. We know not, what we will have left to spend tomorrow.

Brethren, let us spend it wisely. Make the most of every opportunity the FIRST time it is presented. (There may not be a second.) Let us not spend frivolously on the insignificants, such as worry, fear or animosity. We should invest this gift for the nobler and glorious purpose of spreading love, compassion, and understanding.

If we are to ask a brother to part with his most precious of commodities for the craft; we should return this with interest on that investment. Let us strive to make the most of every social and moral encounter. Forget not the lessons of the 24 inch gauge…

“You may delay, but time will not.” P.G.M Benjamin Franklin


Ernest Bagley
Worshipful Master