Master’s Message






Brethren, It is a pleasure to see and interact with everyone on our weekly or biweekly zoom calls. We are fortunate that we have this format, imagine if we had no electricity? Running water? Or had to hunt or fish or forage for food. We would be forced to fend for ourselves. It is a blessing we have our fraternity for fellowship and friendship, there is strength in numbers. I was thinking and contemplating on this situation we find ourselves in, and how life can so quickly change, for both the good and bad. This Covid19 came on suddenly, no warning, and quickly our lives were completely changed. And I thought of death. How often it comes on quickly, or out of nowhere. I thought of the families that will forever remember the pandemic of 2020 and the pain it caused.

But then I thought of life. Life everlasting. I thought of regrowth, renewal. After the winter, comes the Spring, and the glorious feeling its gives our spirit. And how after a forest fire, the forest regrows stronger then ever. And I thought of all those lost, who will now renew, greater the ever, like the forest, in the Spirit of the GAOTU. Brethren, we will overcome, we will persevere. We were asked upon our first entrance into the lodge, In whom do we put out trust????

In GOD Fraternally,

Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master


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