Master’s Message







Brethren :


We are quickly approaching the holiday season. A time to be thankful and a time for contemplation. I am thankful for many things and for the blessings that God has shown me. But of all the gifts that I have received, what I am most thankful for is mental clarity. The ability to see things as they. The ability to see people for who they are. For better or for worse this is one of the greatest gifts that any person should be delighted to receive in this journey we call life. As men and as Masons, we should aspire to view things at all angles, for our fraternity can either truly make a good man better, or if not properly guarded, can enable bad men to do much worse. We have become numb to the politics and the actions of many of our brethren. We have watched these men seemingly rewarded despite their lack of effort, compassion, or dedication to the craft and its members. But I remind you all that the true gifts of Freemasonry are not the tangible items some of these men politic, claw and fight for. But rather, Freemasonry is about self-awakening. It is not about self-preservation, but self-awareness. It is about the realization of the spiritual qualities that make the man and enable him to be better in this world. It is about true Enlightenment.


This also begins my swan song for completing my year as Worshipful Master since nominations are at the end of the month. This month I am scheduled to lecture to our brethren. Those who are familiar with my style know that my subject matter expertise ranges from the historical, to the philosophical, to the esoteric. This time I will speak on further ideas of Enlightenment and what it means after having served as Worshipful Master and after reaching a milestone for length of service. Rather than go into any further detail I will leave you with this quote for you to dwell on: “Enlightenment is a destructive process…”


In Light & Love,

Raymond Ortiz II,

Worshipful Master