Master’s Message







Brethren :

Remember that weakness carries with it an opportunity for new strength. Be reminded that it creates space for new wisdom. Be honest with yourself about the strategies you employ to hold yourself back; but rather, use that opportunity to develop and employ new strategies for propelling yourself forward.

Do not curse the short -comings in your life, or fight against them. Instead, draw energy from them and transform them into triumphs.

There is much you do not know about yourself and about life, and in all of these unknowns exists the opportunity to learn. Fears haunt you and from and by acting with courage in the face of those fears, you can change your life and by extension, change the world.

Let your failures create a pathway to success. See clearly those places where your life has faltered and be thankful for the opportunity to turn them around. Remember, that Masonry, like life is not for the weak of heart; it calls for courage, determination and confidence.

So my Brother, be bold, be strong, be smart; do not blame someone else for what is wrong with you, but rather, step forward with love, confidence, courage and determination and you will find that both life and Masonry will be as great as you know they can be.


Howard Stevenson PGC

Worshipful Master