Master’s Message






Brethren, As the new year approaches, let us remember all the wonderful and joyful times we have spent with Family, Friends and the brethren. Too often we focus on the negative aspects of life, be it work, relationships, or the multitude of challenges life poses.

Instead let us start the new year fresh and realize life is short and has its up’s and downs. So, brethren, take time to enjoy the little that we so often overlook, a beautiful morning, the birds singing, a smile from a stranger. Live life half full, not half empty. Our attitudes affect other, when we show acts of love and kindness it influences others to do the same, so as Masons we work on not just building our temples within, but help others build theirs.

May the GAOTU bless you in the NEW YEAR. with peace and love


Robert Windisch

Worshipful Master