Master’s Message






Brethren, I hope this message finds you all well and your families safe and sound. As more of our NJ population completes their vaccination regime the gathering restrictions that we have been living under are being loosened by the state. Outdoor gatherings are mask optional based on your comfort level if you have been vaccinated and maintain responsible guidelines. All of these developments are directly impacting, in a positive way, our ability to travel to other lodges.

On April 22, 2021 Mt. Zion held an EA degree for 3 newly initiated brother’s, and it was attended by the WM from Philo Lodge #253 and one of his FC’s. Masonic Degrees are again taking place throughout our district and elsewhere throughout the state. Your reluctance to travel, albeit a personal decision, for those of you that feel comfortable should be reconsidered. Lodges are welcoming travelers in a big way! This month we will have 2 speakers: one via Zoom and one in person at Mt. Zion! In speaking with other WM’s in our district they too are seeing early signs of regular communication attendance numbers increasing.

Please consider joining us for meetings and collation. The expectation is that the 25-person indoor minimum will be increasing in the near future. We have room at every meeting for brothers. If you want to be assured a meeting spot while responsibly maintaining the 25-person limit contact me before and I will add you to the list. Stay well brothers

Fraternally Yours,

JR Almerino

Worshipful Master



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