Master’s Message






Brethren: Spring is upon us! It is that time of year when we move from reflection to action. As the frost begins to subside and the flowers begin to bloom. So should our thoughts, move from our trestle board to design. Spring represents a season of hope, new beginnings, and action. Let us not hesitate to plant the seeds of contemplation from the previous season. Our minds are fertile fields ready to yield… Now is the time to be focused and disciplined. For if we fail to follow through on our designs now, there will be no harvest in the future.

While at times we can all feel a bit overwhelmed and not quite know where to begin. I would suggest the following course of action:

1. Know what want your outcome to be. (Clarity is power!)

2. Know your reasons why this outcome is a must. (If we convince ourselves it is a must and not just a desire we are more likely to succeed!)

3. Take action! (Everything is relative, the larger the action we take the greater the results will be.) Start with an easy objective. Motion creates emotion, and emotion creates drive! Let’s make the most of this season not only to grow as men but as Free Masons.


Ernest Bagley

Worshipful Master