Master’s Message






Brethren: I hope this month’s message finds each and every one of you well. As the leaves change color and the seasons change from summer to fall, let us take this opportunity to reflect on changes we should be making for ourselves. Change presents opportunity; there can be nothing new without it. We can choose to view change as a difficulty, or an opportunity for growth. Too often man is fearful of change. The perceived pain of the unknown is greater than that of the status quo.

But I am here to tell you, there are only two emotional stages of life. You are ether growing or dying. Being satisfied with the status quo is slowly to die. For without change there can be no growth. Sometimes we are fearful of change because it requires us to make a choice. We are afraid we may make the wrong choice. We find ourselves paralyzed and sitting on the fence while we contemplate the “right choice” to make. Well guess what, the sooner you just get off the fence and make a choice, the sooner you will know if it was the right one. And by default if it is not, the sooner you will be able to adjust it and be on your way in the intended direction.

Often we go through life on cruise control. We go about our usual routine and complain about our usual list of things we perceive to have no control over. It is easy to see ourselves as victims if we do not embrace change. We must make our subconscious thoughts conscious, otherwise they will rule our life and we will simply chalk it up to fate.

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. –

Benjamin Franklin


Ernest Bagley, Worshipful Master