Master’s Message





Brethren: I hope this writing finds everyone well. Just as we stand guard at the outer door of the lodge… Let us not forget to stand guard at the door of our minds. What we allow in directly effects our emotions. Said another way, the quality of our lives is in direct proportion to the quality of our thoughts. We must be vigilant in what we choose to think about. Much like our bodies if we do not take proper care of our minds we will suffer accordingly.
There are a couple of diseases of attitude that tend to mentally affect us all. If we are not careful these emotions can also compound on each other. The first is worry. This can be debilitating and can lead to other negative thoughts and emotions, as well as to a host of health concerns. Though life will always present difficulty and challenges worrying about them will never make them go away. Instead let’s use these opportunities to grow. As if worrying was not bad enough it can lead us to our next negative emotion doubt. We begin to develop doubt and question ourselves and our abilities. We need to become believers! The understanding of self-worth is the foundation of all progress. If we allow doubt to enter our minds it can lead us to indecision. Once we doubt our abilities it can become difficult to make a decision. Well I’m here to tell you that sitting on the fence is the slowest way to get anywhere! Even if you are not sure what direction to go just get off the fence and start moving. The sooner you do, the sooner you will know if you are headed in the right direction. Once clouded by these emotions it can unfortunately lead us to indifference. This may be the most dangerous of them all… After all, what kind of world would we live in without sympathy, compassion, or concern?
As Masons some of the first lessons we are taught are Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Let us strive to never be just a spectator of life. As the Great Book of Life teaches us… As you think so you become!



Ernest Bagley

Worshipful Master